The Harry Potter Book Night never ceases to amaze us, as once again, the love and passion for the books are always re-kindled, year after year.  On this extra-special book night, those who have loved and read the Harry Potter books had the chance to simply pass the magic of the books on to the next generations of readers.  Fans can celebrate their love of Harry Potter on any given night of the year, but sharing in the delights of the official Harry Potter Book Night is always a far better option. Essentially a series of Potter parties and celebrations happened all over the globe, from reading parties to quizzes, movies to fancy dress competitions, all kinds of wizardry and fun activities took place.  This was the fifth Harry Potter Book Night since it was first launched, and certainly another popular one here at QEGS.

Freya Scott, one of our Year 8 Pupil Librarians had this to say, “The event went really well and quite a few people managed to attend, some in costume, others just excited about the whole evening.  The movie itself was very enjoyable and I liked the added touch of treats that Mrs Dewhurst had organised.  I would definitely attend again and encourage others to do so.”

We also had comments from Elle Procter-Wooff, “I was really excited during the run-up to Harry Potter Book Night, Mrs Dewhurst had created some hand-made magical quill pens and bookmarks, and I even got to see the new Harry Potter chair in the Library.  During the event there was lots of excitement with a costume competition, a sorting hat, raffle and then lots of treats at the end, including a certificate of attendance.”

Isaac Blackburn commented, “I really enjoyed the event and would like to attend again next year.  I had the chance to dress up in HP costume and was rewarded with a prize for doing so.  Mrs Dewhurst presented me with a really nice book, How to Draw Fantastic Beasts, which I am really keen to use.”

Harvey Buck from Year 7 was extremely excited about the event and was extra excited when he won a prize in the raffle, “I never win anything, but on Harry Potter Book Night I did.”

Assia El Sakka also from Year 7 was thoroughly absorbed in the movie Fantastic Beasts, having this to say “the movie was fabulous, the whole atmosphere was exciting and I didn’t want the evening to end.  I love the Harry Potter books.

As we continue to see the magic of Harry Potter come through to use year after year, and our Library loan stats continue to be healthy ones, it can only be a good thing to highlight and celebrate such a magical celebration.