Organised by Head of Year, Mr Hindle, our Year 11’s big night finally arrived on Tuesday 25th June, and saw pupils gather for one last time to celebrate their years at Queen Elizabeth’s Grammar School in style.

Eaves Hall was the sophisticated venue which gave our hardworking Year 11’s the perfect opportunity to celebrate the end of the academic year, and a perfect chance to say goodbye to their teachers, that had challenged and supported them through their school days.

Many thanks to Mr Bendell, who kindly offered to be chief photographer for the evening, he captured the arrival of the teenagers who definitely arrived in style, in an array of exquisite vehicles, which also included a mobility scooter!

The pupils seen around school every day, rose to the occasion extremely well, into now, young men and women.  It was evident that they had put a great deal of effort into their appearance, with everyone looking stunning, confident, and ready for the world.  They all enjoyed a ‘mocktail’, while watching their fellow pupils, as they continued to arrive.

The dining room had been beautifully decorated by the Eaves Hall staff with the help of Year 11 pupil Bea Clarke and Mr Hindle.  The food was delicious, with pupils and staff enjoying the moment to engage in conversation.  Following the meal, Mr Hindle congratulated the Year 11 pupils upon making it through their GCSE examinations and gave his thanks to all who had helped to make the event a wonderfully memorable occasion.

As nominated for by their peers, Annabelle Smith was voted Prom Queen and took her place on the throne, Finch N’Tumba was elected Prom King and stood by her side.  Mrs Gammon also presented awards to:

Hard working              Zak Bux

Best double act           Will Simmons & Joe Ellison

Best Dressed Male      Hussain Patel

Best Dressed Female  Amber Goodeve

Sports man                  Tom McCann

Sports woman             Bea Clarke

Most likely awards:

Comedian                    Hamza Iqbal

Rich and Famous         Eddison Holmes-Dennett

Reality TV Star             Inaam Aman

Prime Minister            Faiq Toppa

The OBA kindly provided the funds for the pupils to enjoy a ‘Magic Mirror’ Photo Booth.  This provided many laughs and lots of great photos, that the pupils could take away with them.  Also, the music played by the DJ ensured some shapes being thrown on the dance floor.

As the evening tailed away, pupils enjoyed a final stroll around the stunning grounds of Eaves Hall, with plenty more photographs being taken.  There were many farewell hugs and tearful goodbyes, as all too soon, it was time for their perfect prom to come to an end.