Dear Parents and Carers,

To make the start and end of school days as safe and enjoyable as possible, we are this week launching a Road Safety campaign within Primary Phase and need the support of you, our parents and carers.

We have created a video, which we have shared with the pupils today and can be viewed here, to explain how to use our School Crossing Patrol Officer correctly. We have also included some ‘do’s and don’ts’ when approaching and leaving the school site. We are asking all pupils to get involved with this campaign and take part in our competition which will see their poster and leaflet designs printed and displayed around the school site.

We are aware that the road around our school can get very busy but we need to make sure that the arrival and departure of our pupils is done as safely as possible by eliminating confrontations, unpleasant conversations, pipping of horns and any unsafe stopping and crossing.

This weekend, we are asking you to watch the video linked above again and watch some of the other road safety videos that have been linked here and here.

Following this, we would like all of our Primary Phase pupils to create either a poster or leaflet with clear road safety, safe driving and safe crossing messages on for us to display on banners outside the school entrances. We will also choose one of the leaflet designs to be printed out and be given out to parents and carers by our School Crossing Patrol Officer.

Please ensure that your child’s poster and leaflet designs are on one side of A3, A4 or A5 paper and returned to school by Wednesday 7th October. We will then announce the winning designs to be display around the school site.

Thank you for supporting this very important cause and for helping us make our school environment a safe and enjoyable place to travel to and from.

Best and safest wishes,

Mrs Southworth