Primary Teachers again welcomed parents and carers into school to share homework projects with the children, with an impressive turnout of families supporting their children’s learning.

Pupils were extremely proud to share their homework projects and discuss their learning that had taken place in the classroom too. Pupils explained the classroom displays to parents and carers, making links to their own learning.

The verbal feedback was again very positive, with a few offering some positive constructive comments that allow the Primary Phase to consider improvements in their practice:

  • Comment 1: Consider the amount of parental support necessary to complete some of the tasks, make sure there is a balance.
  • Suggestion 2: Could the Homework Share take place at the start of the day, rather than the end
  • Comment 3: Some projects requiring resources that parents may not have

For the second half term of Lent term, staff will continue with the half term ‘checkpoint’ for pupils, to ensure that homework is not left until the last week and reminding pupils to bring completed projects in at any point throughout the half term. Teachers will also encourage pupils to attend the weekly homework club, which enables extra support and resources where required.

The next homework share will take place during morning drop off, between 8:30 and 8:50, to ascertain whether this is more convenient for parents and carers.

For parents who may still wish for more mathematics and English homework, teachers are more than happy to support this. Please contact your child’s Form Teacher so that they can provide additional work in the areas your child/children would benefit from.

Here are a few pictures from the last homework share and some examples of the fantastic projects the pupils produced.