On Monday 25th June, pupils from Primary Phase attended an Athletics Competition at Witton Park, young talented writer, Molly in Year 5 has provided a recount of the day’s events.

Blackburn and Darwen Athletics Competition took place at Witton Park, it was a very hot day.  It was crowded, with a total of 32 schools from all across Blackburn and Darwen and with your parents at the other side, it made it even hotter!

At last the races and field events started and even though your friends and family weren’t racing, they were so excited, they were going wild in the crowd.  When you got to the starting line the pressure kicked in, we were all so proud to represent our school for Athletics.  Lots of events were happening simultaneously, there were: cricket ball throwers, long distance runners, sprinters, long jumpers and triple jumpers.

Everybody was amazingly talented and worked really hard! All the events were really close but in the end everyone did their best and did really well!

One of the best parts was coming back to your school mates, and them all congratulating us. The most embarrassing but proudest part was when we got up onto the podium to collect our medals and certificates whilst everyone around us took photographs – Mums, Dads and Teachers all whooped in the background. Overall, QEGS did really well!

Well done Molly and to all the QEGS athletes who took part!