On Monday 10th June, a team of four Year 9 Physicists travelled to King’s School, Chester to compete in their Physics Olympics competition.

Faced with tough opposition from many schools across North West England and North Wales, our pupils soon settled to the tasks at hand.  They tackled a number of challenges including decoding radio messages using their programming skills, experimenting with gear ratios and wheel sizes to build a tractor to pull weights up an incline, and building model power boats and rockets.  The group acquitted themselves excellently throughout the day, coming in the top half overall in each event and winning the Fermi Quiz (even beating the four teacher teams).

After an excellent day of competition, QEGS or “Team Thomson” (named after the J.J. Thomson who discovered the electron) finished a very respectable 4th, out of the 19 school teams.

Congratulations, and well done to our young Physicists!