A packed week of stories, retellings, story writing, blogging, Harry Potter and even some drama took place in the library during National Storytelling Week – an annual event which we always thoroughly enjoy celebrating here at QEGS.

The week started off with a very spooky ghost story, read by Mrs. Dewhurst, complete with spine-chilling sound effects (thanks to Paige Feast in Yr7 and Josh Ince in Yr8) and a very attentive, but apprehensive audience …..the room shivered with intrigue as the story began.

On Tuesday we welcomed Mrs Perkins and her writing club, which quickly transformed into a storytelling club, with objects displayed to generate story starters. Those in attendance took the objects, did their planning, structured their stories, shared their thoughts and then created some wonderful, dazzling tales – Tyson Donnelly in Yr8 read aloud his story with such tenderness – a true storyteller in the making. Also on Tuesday Mrs Tattersall delighted us with her storytelling session – Waiting for Anya, written by Michael Morpurgo. Mrs Tattersall explained to a very attentive audience how the book deals with relationships and how they can develop, with constant questioning throughout – she also told pupils that this is one of her favourite books, which she loves to share. Pupils got the chance to see lots of other books written by Morpurgo at the end of the session. The final Tuesday session was with Miss Makba and her blogging club – a new and extremely exciting club to QEGS, and like the writing club, it transformed into a storytelling club, just for the storytelling session. Top of the list for bloggers was indeed National Storytelling week.

On Wednesday we were enthralled by the captivating Grimm Tales, read by Mrs Cross – a snowy lunchtime saw lots of pupils make their way up to the library to listen to Mrs Cross read Cinderella;  the Disney version, the Pullman retellings of the original version (Grimm stories) and a more modern slant to the fairy-tale, with a feminist view. Food for thought indeed.

Reporters Asha Hampson and Veronica Manual Yr9 who both attended this event, did a sterling job – here’s what they had to say:

“When we arrived, the area in the library was set up and ready to come alive with even more stories! Mrs Dewhurst had the storytelling chair ready for Mrs Cross – everything looked perfect, it was snowing outside, it was very cosy. Mrs Cross read 3 different versions of the much-loved tale of Cinderella. The characters were mimicked by Mrs Cross throughout; they felt real, alive. Toward the end of the session there was some time allocated for questions and also a chance to see what other fairy/folk tales the library stocks.”

During main school assembly senior management read aloud J. K. Rowling’s inspiring speech – delivered at the 2008 Harvard University graduation ceremony, which was later published in full, The fringe benefits of failure – a powerful and engaging speech, one not to be forgotten and one which leaves a lasting impression on all who have the opportunity to hear it.  The speech has become the most-viewed commencement address on the Harvard university’s website.

Thursday was the key event of the week, as we celebrated the official Harry Potter Book Day/Night  – pupils flocked to see the showing of Fantastic Beasts and where to Find them, a spin-off from the Harry Potter stories. Pupils received Harry Potter treats and certificates of attendance – giving the whole lunchtime session that little bit of extra excitement. Turnout was excellent, Harry Potter continues to be rekindled year after year.

Finally on Friday we were thrilled to welcome Mrs Parker and Miss Nolan who performed short acts from Revolting Rhymes written by Roald Dahl  – packed with super silliness and much hilarious humour, the short acts were perfect for a lunchtime session. The attention of the audience was captured right from the start, and continued throughout.

Thank you to everyone involved in helping to make this a very special week indeed. Thanks to all of our storytellers and also thanks to Miss Bowker and Mrs Goodeve for their help during the Harry Potter event.

A special mention must go to Zac Jones in Year 7, who was Harry Potter for us and did a fantastic job!

A truly spectacular National Storytelling Week was held at QEGS.

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