The celebration of National Libraries Week has pleasingly grown – from a day to a week! Which means Libraries everywhere now have the opportunity to do so much more, through events, promoting the love of reading and continuing to share their resources.

Here at QEGS the week was packed with lots of highlights and happenings, including the link with our Primary Phase and the book illustrator (Sarah McIntyre) colouring competition which over 160 entry forms being distributed.  A display of all the wonderful entries will soon start to appear in the Senior Library.

The week also included the sale of Paul Jenkins poetry books, our visiting author for National Poetry Day.  Signed copies of his books were a huge hit – with everyone looking for something new and humorous to read.  A display of gothic books soon took shape with Year 8 Pupil Librarians eager to please, in-keeping with topics being taught in English this term.

Music also played a part of our celebrations, when our staff choir sang in the Library Annexe, which was music to the ears of those pupils in our Homework Club.  The focus for National Libraries Week this year was wellbeing, and, as we all know, singing promotes health, breathing, circulation and digestion!

The highlight of National Libraries Week had to be the launch of the Science Book Award – Royal Society of Young People’s Book Award for 2018, collaborative work between the Library and our Science Department.  As the award unfolded, our judges set off to do some amazing work; reading, reviewing and voting.  Thank you to Dr. Saunders for her contributions, pupil nominations and help in getting this award off to an excellent start.

More news about National Libraries Week and all of our other Library events can be found here:

National Libraries Week