Well done to all of our Pupils who took External Music exams at the end of Trinity Term, congratulations to:

Rayhan Motara ((Year 6)                            Grade 2 Clarinet with Distinction

Jenson Gibson (Year 7)                              Grade 1 Drum Kit with Merit

Oliver Jenkins (Year 7)                               Grade 1 Electric Guitar

Alexandra Brown (Year 7)                          Grade 3 Singing with Merit and Grade 2 Violin

Alexander Peel (Year 8)                             Grade 1 Drum Kit with Merit

Anastasia Hartshorne-Evans (Year 8)       Grade 4 Singing

Hira Karimi (Year 9)                                   Grade 5 Singing with Merit

Rhys Millington (Year 9)                            Grade 1 Saxophone with Distinction

Ella Hardman (Year 9)                               Grade 3 Flute with Merit

Jane Brown (Year 10)                                 Grade 4 Singing with Distinction

Hooria Haroon (Year 10)                            Grade 3 Piano