As always, our Library was the hive of activity during the first term of 2022.  

National Non-Fiction November (NNFN) 

An annual tradition at QEGS.  

A month of celebrating all things factual – even though non-fiction isn’t just for November and information books are being read and enjoyed throughout the year, NNFN provides an opportunity to shine a spotlight on some of the best books around, while celebrating the positive impact that reading information books can have and exploring some of the trends and challenges in current publishing.

A whopping 457 non-fiction books were issued during November.

World Cup Book Promotion  

We used the excitement and passion surrounding sport to motivate and inspire our pupils and students to improve their literacy skills.

Our display of books was a real hit. We offer special thanks to author Tom Palmer for his generous gift of bookmarks which he had happily signed for our pupils.

Anti-bullying Week  

In support of anti-bullying week and to help raise awareness and offer support to pupils and students we used this opportunity to put together another display of books, which, were very well received by our pupils.


Year 7 pupils visited the library during their history lessons for talks with Mrs. Dewhurst about remembrance combined with World War II research with Miss Ash.  

Royal Society Young Peoples Book Prize  

The Young People’s Book Prize aims to promote literacy in young people and to inspire them to read about science. 

Our judging panel, open to all pupils aged 14 and under, was made up of Year 7 and 8 pupils.  Over a period of 2 months, they will read 6 books. The judging panel elected their own Chair, holds judging meetings, and discusses the merits of each book, submitting their vote and comments.  The results from all the groups are then collated by the Royal Society to determine the winner (Jan/Feb).  

Mrs Dewhurst, Head of Library, said “this is a really valuable experience, which has led to lots of good thinking about science, whilst encouraging reading and debating.  

Dr Saunders, Head of Science, said “this group of pupils have really engaged in this exciting opportunity to nominate a book for the overall competition winner. I have enjoyed listening to their weekly reviews and the justifications that they have given as to why Fourteen Wolves stood out as our school nomination. Thank you to all of our panel of judges, you have made this a joy to attend each week and I look forward to seeing you continue to broaden your knowledge of science through literature”.

Festivities in the Library  

Throughout the month of December, an array of festive-themed activities took place, including decorating our Harry Potter-themed Christmas tree and book folding. Our weekly sessions were a real hit as pupils eagerly created book trees for our book tombola event. We raised £30 and all Proceeds went to Drone SARS

End of Term Awards 

Bedrock Learning – English groups point challenge 

Well done to 7DJP with Miss Rawoot and Mrs Makba for the English groups with the highest points earned.

Form group book return challenge  

Well done to 7ALF, 8JLN and 9JLM for the form groups with the least overdue library books.

Year 8 Pupil Librarians 

Congratulations to Sara Ayub 8EJH, Aymen Ahmad 8EJH and Rayyan Ratyal 8JLN who have all completed their Bronze award. 

Year 7 Library Skills Programme  

Well done to all in Yr7 who have completed their library skills for Michaelmas term.

And finally, a BIG thank you to all the Year 7 pupils who arrive every lunchtime to offer their help, your support is invaluable.