Year 9 pupils attended a medical careers event last week delivered by MCS projects ltd.

All pupils took part in an Emergency Medical Assistance program learning all about valuable life skills such as how to assess a casualty, how to position a breathing but unconscious casualty, CPR techniques and how to treat someone who was choking.

An additional optional session then saw 41 pupils take part in a talk delivered by three medical students and two doctors. This was a presentation about medical school life, how to apply to medical school and the pros and cons of a career in medicine, followed by a Q & A session.

Pupils enjoyed the day and interacted with the visitors extremely well.

Feedback from pupils was well received:

Very informative but also very practical – Ben Bailey

Inspirational and motivational – Safiya Ravat

It was a fantastic educational experience and has persuaded me to look further into a medical career – Noor Fatima

Thank you to all involved in what was a fantastic day.