Libraries week is an annual showcase and celebration of the best that libraries have to offer and here at QEGS we certainly have lots to offer!

Mrs Dewhurst, Head of Library, delivered library sessions to our litte bookworms at QEGS Nursery which involved a mini tour of the ‘big’ library and story time with a book selected from the ‘mystery book bag’.

Mrs Dewhurst also took advantage of National Poetry Day which conveninetly fell during National Libraries Week and delivered a session to Year 6 pupils which involved creating paper chains and adding short peoms to each link of the chain. The theme was ‘Choice’ and the array of peotry that pupils created was outstanding. Pupils also took part in creating a book display to promote the day.

Year 7 Pupil, Dima Kara Bala, lead a bookmark and caligraphy crafting session showcasing her caligraphy talents. Dima is now a valued member of our Year 7 helpers and bookmark club.

We ended National Libraries Week with a gift from Mrs Mallon , Head of English. The Library was presented with a tree! The tree was quickly filled with leaves, and we  added fairy lights to create a sensational effect within the library which soon start filling up with book recommendations.