On Tuesday 12th March our talented musicians gathered for our first ‘Lent Term’ Teatime Concert. It was a fantastic showcase of musical talent at here at QEGS, with the audience being delighted to hear of the progress that our GCSE pupils and A level Music students had made; we wish them all the very best of luck as they prepare to present and record their solo and ensemble performances to the examiners.

Our talented pianists and instrumentalists included:

  • Toby Saxty
  • Jenson Gibson
  • Ruby Erswell
  • Rohan Gupta
  • Jonathan Semple
  • Ben Brown
  • Emily Nickson
  • Ben Henderson

The following pupils and students treated the audience to a fabulous variety of songs:

  • Amaan Wardingley
  • Annabelle Whittle
  • Isabelle Mullan
  • Zara Babu
  • Daniel Ullas
  • Marwan Younes
  • Angelina Jones
  • Lydia Swindell
  • Setareh Ahmadi Khattir

The audience enjoyed listening to the vocal skills of the Staff Choir, who gave a lively rendition of a Medieval piece, which they sang in Latin. Our percussionist, Jenson Gibson also accompanied the Staff Choir as they sang, ‘Bhombela,’ a Zulu call and response song.

The concert concluded with a Latin-inspired performance given by A level Music students, Toby Saxty and Jenson Gibson. They performed Laufey’s ‘From The Start,’ which was a wonderful finale to another superb concert.

Congratulations to all our talented musicians and vocalists who all performed beautifully in the Concert, and well done to Miss Cockshott, who has coached and encouraged each and every one of our pupils and students to such a high standard.

Finally, thank you to fellow pupils, staff, family and friends of QEGS who joined us for the event.