This year the Senior School Librarian was delighted to involve our Primary Phase with the CKG Book Award – an annual book award which has been followed here at QEGS for the past 13 years.

Once the book award was introduced to our very enthusiastic Year 5 shadowing group, pupils soon became very excited about the award and all it entailed. A shortlist of 8 titles were enjoyed over 12 weeks, pupils became judges and the books were scrutinized during each of the 12 sessions.

During each session pupils had the opportunity to vote for their favourite book and add book reviews to the CKG website.  After a few sessions it all started to become very serious, with each pupil having their own strong opinion of each book. The weeks flew by, debates and lots of discussions took place.

For the very last session, which included a book award celebration, the winning book was announced to be, Town is by the Sea.

Thank you to everyone who helped to make this happen, it truly was something different for our Year 5 and hopefully something they’ll remember for quite some time.  We very much hope that pupils who took part will go on to follow the prestigious book award in Year 7.

Thank you also to Suha Mehmood for creating the delightful gift bags and many thanks also to author/illustrator, Chris Riddell for providing us with book prizes.

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