This term, year 7 faced bracing winds to investigate the hypothesis ‘Morecambe is a successful tourist destination without the Eden Project North’.

Pupils walked the full length of Morecambe Promenade conducting environmental quality surveys at the following sites:

  • Happy Mount Park
  • Broadway
  • Morecambe Sailing Club
  • RNLI Lifeboat station
  • Panorama (mountain outline street art)
  • Eric Morecambe statue
  • Eden Project North
  • The Midland Hotel
  • Frontierland
  • West End picture frame

At each site, pupils looked at the buildings and whether they were pleasing to the eye and well maintained, traffic, whether parking was difficult or there was high noise volume, open space and gardens, and the general quality of the area such as litter and well-maintained paths.

Pupils also interviewed people along the way to find out if they were visitors to Morecambe or lived local, how they had travelled to Morecambe, what they liked about Morecambe, and what changes would they like to see in Morecambe.

That same day our Head, Mrs. Gammon, received a lovely email from a member of the public who met our year 7’s in Morecambe:

Dear Mrs. Gammon,

I have just returned home after a bicycle trip along Morecambe promenade where I met some children who told me they were from your school. I felt I had to mail you to say it was interesting to speak to them and find out they were doing some research into the effects of the Eden project north on Morecambe and the surrounding areas. In this day and age when children come in for lots of criticism, I was very impressed by how polite and respectful your children were, hopefully, they enjoyed the day in Morecambe.