Applause reverberated around the hall basking the actors and crew in the adulation that they all truly deserved. Pupils had worked tirelessly to prepare for the two nights of performance of ‘Into the Woods’ a play written by Stephen Sondheim and adapted by James Lapine.

The play centres around a childless couple, tasked by a Witch to collect four magical objects to reverse a curse she placed on their family tree. For one hour the audience were regaled with choreography and music far surpassing the ages of the performers.

The whole performance was managed by the pupils, all of the backstage including the lighting and sound was controlled by pupils. It was wonderful to see the skills that pupils developed and how they worked together showing kindness and resilience in their approach to creating such an outstanding production.

The talent of the pupils is hard to put into words and if you were lucky enough to attend it is certainly something that you will never forget. At QEGS we focus on the 3Rs and this production epitomised them all.

Pupils were;

Ready to perform and entertain to an outstanding standard,

Respectful of each other and worked as a team.

Resilient, overcoming challenges and rehearsing continuously to achieve such a high standard.

We are extremely proud of everyone involved.