There are many benefits to learning to play a musical instrument and these have been widely documented. Children have access to a wealth of opportunities and skills that are transferable to other areas of school life. As well as developing social skills and self-confidence, learning to play an instrument can also help with concentration, listening and communication.

At QEGS we currently offer instrumental lessons on the following instruments:

  • Woodwind – flute, clarinet, saxophone, oboe*
  • Brass – cornet, trumpet, trombone*
  • Strings
  • Percussion – drum kit
  • Piano and Keyboard
  • Voice*
  • Guitar – electric and acoustic*

To take part in the lessons, parents are required to provide an instrument for their child to begin to learn on, although they do not need to purchase an instrument in the first instance. There are some excellent hire-purchase deals which start from around £20 per month and details of these are available at most music shops including Reidy’s of Blackburn and Time and Tune Music Shop, which are both close to the school.

Lessons last for 25 minutes and there are 30 lessons per academic year. We offer individual and group tuition, with a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 4 pupils in a group lesson. Group instrumental lessons are currently offered on all woodwind and brass instruments, as well as guitar and voice. Instrumental lessons are timetabled at a different time each week so that pupils can come out of a different class each time. Most pupils have little difficulty in catching up on missed work and many parents find music lessons at school are easier to organise than evening lessons.

All pupils must be in Year 3 or above to take part. Instrumental lessons will take place in either the Senior Phase Music Department in the Brooklands building for Year 7 to 13, or in the Primary Phase for pupils in Years 3 to 6. Please note: drum lessons and vocal lessons only take place in the Brooklands building.

The cost of individual lessons is £130 per term and the same fee for group lessons will be divisible amongst the number in each group. This will be charged to parents’ Scopay account at the beginning of each term. If lessons have to be terminated it is necessary to give a minimum of 6 weeks’ notice in writing to the Director of Business and Finance, or pay half a term’s tuition in lieu of notice. I am sure you will appreciate that the peripatetic staff require as much notice as possible to allow for changes to lesson planning and income.

There is already a high demand for instrumental lessons and there is a possibility that not all pupils will be able to have lessons on their first choice of instrument straight away.

To help with the planning and administration and to ensure that your child will be able to start their lessons promptly, please complete the form below and return to Miss E Cockshott, Subject Leader of Music, at your earliest convenience. If your child already receives instrumental tuition at QEGS, this will continue automatically each September unless a letter terminating the lessons is received by the end of the school term.

QEGS Instrument Tuition Form