Last week students in Year 12 welcomed Dr Matthias Dörrzapf from St Johns College, University of Cambridge into Singleton House for a talk about life and studying at the University of Cambridge. Dr Dorrzapf is currently the Director of Scholarships and International Programmes, Director of Studies for Mathematics,  and for 14 years was the Senior Tutor of the College, responsible for the education and welfare of all College students.

During the talk, students were able to find out more about what the students in St Johns College were currently studying, what a study timetable looked like, the typical entry requirements needed to apply as well as what a successful application should include and how to impress in their interviews.

The talk arranged by Mrs Powell, Head of Careers was well received, and students were engaged throughout. This inspiring talk is one that we hope will motivate and encourage our students to apply to this prestigious university in Year 13.