How to Access the Service

The careers team offer 1-1 advice and guidance appointments and this may suit students who are unsure about your career pathway and would like to explore their options, or students who want to discuss their ideas further.   All sessions are confidential and the information is only shared between advisers and the student. All Year 11 and 13 students are offered an interview. Students are free to request an interview at any time during the year and one will be allocated as soon as possible.

Students are also encouraged to email or drop in if they have a question that they feel could be resolved quickly.

Careers Information and Resources are located mainly in the dedicated Careers room in Singleton House although material/books are also available in the main school library. The Careers resources are updated on a regular basis to incorporate any new or additional information.

In the Careers room, there are IT facilities connected to the school network for programmes such as ‘Start Profile’, UCAS and access to the Internet.

The Careers room is available to Sixth Form students at break and lunchtimes.

Materials are available on short-term loan to students and staff in negotiation with the Head of Department.

The Careers Office is open from 8.30am until 4.30pm on school days. The direct office phone number is 01254 686300 Ex 608. During periods of work experience, additional staffing ensures that lines of communication between pupils, students, employers, parents and school remain fully open.

The department arranges a wide range of internal and external activities for all years to ensure that pupils and students are fully supported and advised in their Post 16 and Post 18 options. There is an increased focus on the rapidly changing options available Post 18 as Government legislation encourages the growth of apprenticeships and in particular Degree Level Apprenticeships.

The department has an excellent network of business and employment links, primarily through the Old Blackburnians Association, the HIVE Business group and our Business Associate- Pierce Accountants. Whatever education or career path that a student wishes to pursue we are confident that they will be fully supported and encouraged to fulfil their aspirations.