Following on from the success of our recent Book Week the annual House QUEST took place in the school library.  The QUEST is our senior library’s contribution to House events and one which continues to draw much attention and curiosity.

Over seventy pupils and students across Years 7 to 13 represented their House, and were sent on a mission, with lots of clues created to help them solve the mysteries of Dewey, QR codes, resources including books (both print and digital) journals and magazines, reference material, special collections and online resources.  Everyone enjoyed the competitiveness, as well as the challenge, using the resources available to them in the school library, with some pupils even discovering new ones along the way.

Mrs Dewhurst was delighted with the sessions and commented, “it was absolutely brilliant to see just how much library knowledge our pupils and students retain – having access to a well-resourced library is extremely beneficial to all.”

The results were amazingly close, right up until the last QUEST.  Well done to the winners Howard House, and to everyone who took part.

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