MAGICAL JOURNEYS was the theme for the eighth annual Harry Potter Book Night and we couldn’t have been more excited for our annual event!

This year was the 25th anniversary of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone and the theme reflects the magical journey that the Harry Potter books have taken so many millions of people on since the first book published on the 26th June 1997.

Avid Harry Potter fan and Head of Library, Mrs Dewhurst, organised an array of lunchtime activities for our Year 7 pupils which included creating quilled pens and bookmarks as well as a lucky prize draw for the 47 pupils who purchased a ticket to the event to win one of 4 lucky prizes.

One of the highlights had to be ‘Honey Dukes sweet shop’. Mrs Dewhurst went above and beyond to capture our pupil’s imagination by providing edible treats such as chocolate mice, dragon eggs, chocolate owls, owl droppings and broomsticks.

The feedback received from the event really highlighted just how passionate Mrs Dewhurst is about our Library.

We are very blessed!

“It was wonderful – I would like this to happen again” – Zaynab Masood

 “It was really good and exciting! I loved creating the pens. Miss, you put so much effort into this …thank you!” – Safa Khan

 “I loved the HP event because I loved making the awesome pens, colouring the feathers and it was also exciting watching and waiting for the winners of the prize draw. Thank you, Miss for          organising the lovely event.”Sumayyah Waqaus

 “Our HP event was really fun! I really liked the quill pens – a good activity. I would like to thank all the people who came to the Harry Potter event and to Mrs Dewhurst for putting this event       together.” – Dima Kara Bala

 “I would like to thank Mrs Dewhurst and the Year 7 helpers for putting this lovely event together. Congratulations if you won one of the prizes!” – Faiza Ali

“I’ve already started reading some HP books through SORA, our eBook platform” – Mohammed Rayyan Ratyal

 “This year it was an extra special celebration: Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone – 25th Anniversary. Pupils enjoyed creating the ever-popular quill pens and bookmarks while being entertained by the first Harry Potter movie. Another year of rekindling the passion for fantasy – the Harry Potter books are just as popular as they were 25 years ago. – Mrs Dewhurst