We are pleased that at the end of Trinity Term, nine Year 13 students achieved a Crest Gold Award.

The award requires the students to carry out a project of their choice based on science and technology, where they are expected to apply over 60 hours’ extra-curricular work.

Some of our students worked in small groups, others individually. They all showed great enthusiasm and skill, creating outstanding reports, which were highly praised by the external assessors at CREST.

There was a varied range of topics chosen including, Naturally Occurring Antibiotics; Comparison of Free Range and Value Chicken; Suitability of Metals for Jewellery and Comparing Vitamin Supplements.

Congratulations to: Natasha Sajjad, Samantha Hepworth, Zain Dalal, Arsalan Toor, Uzair Dadabhai, Shuayb Ahmed, Anas Ghanchi, Faisal Hanif and Safeerah Sidat.