Former Secondary and Sixth Form Student, Alvin Choondiyanil, teamed up with other contestants in the hope of beating one of Britain’s biggest brains and taking home big money.

Alvin, a student doctor at Manchester University studying medicine, joined QEGS in 2010 as a Year 7 pupil and left in 2017 after completing his A levels in Biology, Chemistry and Geography, appeared on Tuesday night’s ITV show The Chase.

When host Bradley Walsh asked Alvin what he would spend the money on if he beat the chaser, Alvin responded that he would love to travel to South America, visiting Chillie and Argentina now that he has taken up learning Spanish.

Facing ‘The Vixen’, Alvin was the first player to take to the podium answering all questions correctly.

The team made it to the final chase but unfortunately,  failed to beat the chaser. Alvin received impressive compliments with ‘The Vixen’ commenting on his speed in answering questions in the last minute.