The Senior Library was delighted to be able to award winners from the recent inter tutor football festival for Year 7 – for their top team efforts.

Pupils who received prizes were nominated by Mr Brierley and were presented with goodie bags packed with football/reading treats, including a promotional copy of the ever-popular Match magazine.

The Match magazine continues to be regularly read here at QEGS, arriving weekly and always with a queue to read it. The magazine was first published in 1979 and by December 2010 had a circulation of 57,108 copies.

Mr Brierley himself remembers reading it as a young boy and also decorating his bedroom walls with the posters. The magazine has come a long way and to this day still has many fans and readers.

Thanks to Match for their kind magazine contributions and also to author Tom Palmer for his signed bookmarks and book samplers which pupils also received.

The winners were:

  • Umarah Iqbal 7SIR
  • Mohammed Bilal Kiyani 7FAM
  • Aatika Zahra 7KIC

Well done to all from Mrs Dewhurst & Mr Brierley.