Towards the end of the Michaelmas term the library held some very festive activities:

A book and gift sale was the first event to take place; including the ever-popular lucky dip, handmade crafts and a secret book Santa.  The sale managed to raise £30.00, which will help towards purchasing craft resources for the Bookmark Club.  Thank you to our team of Year 8 pupil librarians who helped to run the stall over 3 days, they all did a superb job in promoting the sale.

The annual tradition of decorating the Christmas tree with book recommendations, once again was a great success, showing a variety of books having been enjoyed.  Many thanks to parent helpers Mrs Abahlous EP Satia and Mrs Ashraf, for their help in erecting two Christmas trees; the book recommendation tree and the Harry Potter themed tree.

An array of festive books was also on display in the library, which helped to encourage plenty of borrowing.  Books written by Charles Dickens were the most popular, along with crafting books also being borrowed.

A group of Year 7 pupils took part in a festive crafting session, creating beautiful handmade festive gifts; paper trees, paper hats and paper chains.