The children in Reception were excited to be visiting Thornton Hall Park Farm; a firm favourite also for their teachers!

At the farm the children experienced farming life first hand.  They helped the farmers carry out their day-to-day tasks of looking after and caring for the animals.  First on the agenda was to feed some very hungry new born lambs.

A safari tour took the children off into the fields, where they were able to see some deer and incredibly woolly sheep.  The afternoon was extremely ‘hands on’ as they collected the freshly laid eggs from the chicken coupes.

Whilst at the farm ‘Critters 2 You” were also visiting.  The children were very lucky to be invited to see and even hold some creepy crawlies.  It was fantastic to learn about these mini-beasts and to be able get a closer look at them too.  The children in Reception were exceptionally brave as they were welcomed to hold a tarantula, a mini lizard and a huge snake!

After a busy day, there was just enough time for an ice cream before heading back to School.  The farmers at Thornton Hall Park Farm commented at how much they enjoyed spending the day with the children and how they were impressed by their good behaviour and impeccable manners.  This was pleasing to hear, that even the youngest members of the QEGS family were upholding our school values.