In a vibrant and educational morning, Year 11 pupils at QEGS delved into the fascinating world of languages and career possibilities. The event featured diverse activities, showcasing the rich tapestry of linguistic opportunities available to our young people.

The day started with a visit from Cyrille Rollet, a Teaching Associate from the Department of European Languages and Culture at Lancaster University, providing students with valuable insights into higher education possibilities. Later that day, David Binns, the Director of UK Operations at Sanako, the school’s language lab software, shared his expertise on the importance of languages in the industry in an engaging talk.

Students eagerly participated in taster sessions spanning a spectrum of languages, including Ancient Greek, Italian, Dutch, Linguistics, and Hebrew. These hands-on sessions not only exposed them to the beauty of diverse languages but also allowed them to explore potential linguistic interests.

Adding a touch of intrigue, the event included GCHQ code-cracking tasks, challenging students to apply their language and analytical skills in real-world scenarios. This not only heightened their problem-solving abilities but also shed light on the intersection of language and technology.

Mrs SL Broom, Head of Languages said “The Languages and Careers Morning proved to be a dynamic and enriching experience, empowering Year 11 pupils to envision a multitude of paths in the realm of languages and beyond.”