We are aware that for our Year 11 and Year 13 pupils, students and family members, this is a very worrying time due to the postponement of the upcoming GCSE and A level examinations.

We are still awaiting full guidance from the Government, however we want to reassure you that should predicted grades be used for pupils’/students’ final results, we have been carrying out extensive work to prepare for this so that the grades given would not be based solely on mock examination performance.

Alongside the mock examination results from earlier this academic year, our teaching staff have been working to update all predicted grades, taking into account each pupils’/students’ recent performance, further class assessments that have taken place since the mock examinations, classwork, homework and the expected impact of the planned revision that was in place for the coming weeks, before the school closure announcement earlier this week.

Should they be required, the collation of this evidence and recent information, alongside your child’s target grades will formulate the final grades that we will share with the examination bodies.

We hope this alleviates some of the worry that you currently face and would appreciate you talking to your child about this to help ease their immediate concerns.

As soon as we have further information on this, we will of course share it as a priority.