On Tuesday, 4th December fifty-five extremely excited Year 1 pupils set off on their first trip of the year to Eureka! the National Children’s museum.  The pupils were keen to discover the ‘All About Me’ gallery and explore the museum.

When they arrived at Eureka they were greeted by a robot who introduced them to the ‘All About Me’ gallery.  They learnt about how their bodies work through some very practical activities such as stretching and jumping.  Following this, they studied what happens in a Dentist’s office and how the body changes when babies are born.  The pupils were very excited to dress up in a variety of different uniforms to act out the many different professions.

They then split into groups and began to explore the rest of the museum.  Miss Airey’s class headed straight for the sound gallery where they found a huge array of different instruments and technology.  Meanwhile, Mrs Crane’s class ventured to the Halifax Building Society where they withdrew money and also wrote some cheques.

There was so much more to see; Post office, garage, home, building site and even a red telephone box!

Both classes had a fabulous time and it is safe to say that our Year 1 pupils are turning into some outstanding young scientists!