Accelerated Reader for Year 7 and Year 8 

We are delighted to announce that 13 Year 7 Pupils and 2 Year 8 pupils became ‘Reading Millionaires’ this year (to read a million words) with the reading programme Accelerated Reader. STAR readers were also created with 11 pupils from Year 7 and 7 Pupils from Year 8, all reaching the 500,000 words challenge and an unbelivable 3 pupils in Year 7 read over 2 million words! Amazing work by all involved!

Bedrock Learning for Year 8 and Year 9 

Other than learning new words and being empowered by these words, this year Pupils have also made excellent progress with the vocabulary programme. Congratulations to Zainab and Haleemah Chisti in Year 9 for completing the most topics out of their year groups. We would also like to congratulate Amna Khan in Year 8 and Haseef Talhat in Year 9 for their excellent efforts and improvments over the year. We are delighted to announce that the Bedrock Learning programme will expand next year to include Year 7 .

Year 8 Pupil Librarians 

As the gold award came to an end, 9 of our Pupil Librarians eagerly awaited news of who would be awarded Pupil Librarian of the year! All 9 pupils excelled themselves and we simply could not choose just one. We are delighted to award Ben Baily, Setareh Khattir,Kitty Butler, Zahra Ashraf, Zahra Eshan, Maryam Bhana, Vicky Zhou, Fizza Zouf and Zara Babu  ‘Joint Librarian of the Year Award’

Congratulations to all involved and thank you for being an amazing team this year – Mrs Dewhurst, Head of Library.