Mrs Dewhurst, Head of Secondary Library, certainly keeps our pupils and students engaged with an array of activities all throughout the year and this final term was no different.

An array of awards have been given out celebrating the achievements of our young readers.

Yoto Carnegie Award for 2023 – Book Award for Illustrations – Primary School Shadowing Team: a group of 8 avid readers from Year 5 classes took part in the award.

Yoto Carnegies Award for 2023 – Book Award for Writing – QEGS Secondary School  Shadowing Team: Year 7 pupils Laibah Ahmed, Mahsooma Farooq, Maryam Bashir, Fatima Tariq, Gauri Sumesh, Alishah Elahi, Hana Butt, and Fatimah Batool.

The shadowing team showed an immense amount of commitment, regardless of other things they had going on, they always made time to read.

Year 7 Library Assistants – Pupils worked extremely hard this term and have helped almost daily in the library: Daisy Florentine, Niamh Lambert, Eshal Ahmad, Charlie Atkinson, Maryam Bashir, and Fatimah Younus. Their contributions to the school library are very much appreciated.

Year 8 Pupil Librarians – Congratulations to Sara Ayub, Aymen Ahmad and Rayyan Ratyal who have completed their gold award – endorsed by the School Library Association.

Our librarian team has been a real asset to the daily lunchtime running of the library – completing their duties to a very high standard.

We are also delighted to announce our new team of Year 8 pupil librarians for September. Daisy Florentine, Niamh Lambert, Charlie Atkinson, and Jonathan McCann from Year 7 – congratulations on your successful applications – we hope you enjoy your new role.

Congratulations to Bobby Khan (Yr7), Sayed Hussain (Yr8), and Aidan Cunliffe (Yr9) who have all made excellent progress with the Bedrock Learning programme – Vocabulary & Grammar Lessons and well done to Year 7 pupil Naseer Mahmood who has achieved 7,095 points on Bedrock Learning, the most points earned by a pupil this year.

As a reward for all the hard work and contributions made to Bedrock Learning, Reading, and English Group sessions from Years 7, 8, and 9 pupils were treated to a Bookflix session for their last library lesson of the year.

On reflection for the year, Mrs Dewhurst, said firstly, a BIG thank you to all the pupils who arrive every lunchtime to offer their help, your support is invaluable. Reading daily is one of the best habits anyone can have. It develops your imagination and provides you with a fortune of knowledge. A staggering 10,301 books have been loaned from our school library this year, our highest figure yet. To know that many books have been read makes me feel very proud!