We are delighted to announce 8 of our year 8 pupil librarians have come to the end of their training and achieved their Gold Award. Well done to Zoeya Ali,  Wasay Muhammad, Aaliyah Latif, Mishaal Shahzad, Rayan Satia, Aidan Cunliffe and Amelia Shigri, you have worked very hard.

From September we welcome 4 new pupil librarians to the team. Congratulations to Dima Kara Bala, Rayyan Ratyal, Sumayyah Waqaus and Aymen Ahmad.

Bedrock Learning

Congratulations to Sami Yousaf (Yr7), Danish Akhtar (Yr8) and Nesibe Borekci (Yr9) who have received the award for most progress made in the Bedrock Learning program. Your efforts have not gone unnoticed.

The Winner of the end-of-term English group points challenge was form group 7KIC with English teacher Mrs Makba, Year 8 set 1 with Mrs Mallon and Year 9 set 6 Miss Farrar.

Last but not least well done to 7SIR, 8STG, 8EJH and 9ELB who won our form group library book returns challenge.

Mrs Dewhurst, Head of Library said ” We have had a fantastic year in the Library, we are delighted to see our borrowing figures back up to where they should be, currently standing at a colossal 9,420 issues for the year”.