Year 8 Pupil Librarian Awards

Well done to Jonathan McCann on completing the silver award during Lent Term.

House Quest

House QUEST is an annual event for our Secondary pupils and Sixth Form students to participate in, by house, to test their library knowledge.  A variety of questions are set for each year group, covering all subjects studied at QEGS including library skills taught in Year 7.  Clues are given and all of the answers can be found in the school’s Library by the teams of two from each house, with a different year group taking part each day.

Scores were very close, but FROBISHER had the upper hand and bagged 1st place with HOWARD coming in 2nd and DRAKE finishing in 3rd place

Mrs Dewhurst said “The QUEST is a fun and interactive competition that is enjoyed across the whole school. The results of House QUEST contribute to the overall House competition! ”.

Bookmark Club 

Pupils in Year 7 and 8 were inspired by the crochet and knitting skills of Mrs Dewhurst who has created some beautifully knitted book bags. Eager to learn, over twenty pupils attended the first sessions and subsequent sessions settled with a group of twelve girls embracing their new hobby. The girls have now mastered the technique and have produced some wonderful book bags, bookmarks and book wraps.


National Storytelling Week

Children attending QEGS Nursery visited us during National Storytelling Week and had a little tour of a BIG  library as well as listening to some wonderful stories!

Storytelling can be a magical experience – and the flexibility of making up your own stories can allow stories to be personalised for the children you are with by including favourite toys, familiar people, and even the children themselves!

All our little visitors left with a themed heart and a thank you certificate.

Mrs Dewhurst said ” It was an absolute delight to share stories with our little visitors”.

Royal Society Young People’s Book Prize – Science Book Award 

The Young People’s Book Prize aims to promote literacy in young people and to inspire them to read about science. It also supports the writing of excellent, accessible STEM books for under-fourteens and enables a coloration between the school library and the science faculty.

Pupils had prior chosen their favourite book of the six books read since October. Dr Saunders and Mrs Jenson set up experiments to accompany the group’s book choice ‘Germs’, which included growing bacteria and testing antibiotic resistance.

Mrs Dewhurst said, ” The group have worked extremely hard. ”

Love Your Library 

February was all about loving our library that little bit more! We had a whole host of ‘LOVE’ themed activities for pupils and students to engage in.

Year 7 library helpers created the ‘Sweet Treats’ book display featuring books with romantic-themed cover images.

Year 8 librarians created the ‘Find Me a Good Home’ book display with lots of free books needing a good home.

The ‘Book Tree’ was filled with lots of book recommendations and ‘why we love our school library’ messages.

Mrs Dewhurst reflected on the lent term and said, “After what seems a very busy term I wanted to thank all my library helpers and pupil librarians for their continued help and support. Their enthusiasm and dedication does not go unnoticed and is always appreciated”.

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