National Non-Fiction November 

An annual tradition at QEGS.

A month of celebrating all things factual – even though non-fiction isn’t just for November and information books are being read and enjoyed throughout the year. NNFN provided an opportunity to shine a spotlight on some of the best books around while celebrating the positive impact that reading information books can have and exploring some of the trends and challenges in current publishing.

As part of NNFN pupils in Years 6 and 7 took part in a scavenger hunt. A set of ten questions with lots of clues and hidden treasure, had pupils searching the non-fiction shelves to find the answers. All ten Dewey classifications were covered in the challenge, so it was a real test of our pupil’s Dewey knowledge.  

The event saw a whopping 30 winners receiving book gifts.

Festive Book and Gift Tombola 

The annual festive book and gift tombola was very well attended and once again was a truly wonderful lunchtime activity. With the Christmas tree as a backdrop for the display with an array of book and gift prizes, many pupils were eager to see what they had won.

Christmas Book Giving  by Author Tom Palmer 

For over ten years the author Tom Palmer has asked librarians if they would be kind enough to nominate a child they think would benefit from the gift of a book for Christmas. This year Mrs Dewhurst nominated Daisy Florentine from Year 8 and we are delighted to hear that Daisy has been chosen to receive a book prize.

Daisy’s book is personally dedicated, signed, and gift-wrapped and her gift also includes a Christmas card from Tom with this year’s exclusive illustration taking inspiration from one of Tom’s books – by the wonderful Yorkshire artist James Innerdale.

Mrs Cross’ Year 8 English Group 

Mrs Dewhurst was delighted to be able to provide the gift of books to a Year 8 English group for their enthusiasm and engagement during library lessons. Before receiving their books, the group were made aware of the age-old Icelandic tradition of book gifting on Christmas Eve.

Jólabókaflóð (Jolabokaflod) –  the Christmas book flood – is a popular tradition in which books are given as gifts on Christmas Eve. It is thought that every Icelander receives at least one book for Christmas every year. 

Year8  Pupil Librarians Bronze Award 

Congratulations to Year 8 pupils Charlie Atkinson, Jonathan McCann, Niamh Lambert and Daisy Florentine who received their Pupil Librarian Bronze Award this term.  They have been a tremendous asset to the smooth running of the library during busy lunchtimes.

Bedrock Learning Awards for ‘Most Progress Made’ during Michaelmas Term

Year 7 Sidratul Sruti (highest score)

Year 8 Amaan Masood

Year 9 Hamzah A. Burondker  

As the first term of 2023 draws to an end Mrs Dewhurst, Head of QEGS Libary said ” I would like to thank pupils, students and staff for their help and dedication. The library is a special place and a BIG part of QEGS and all of these fantastic events would not be possible without the commitment and dedication of those involved. I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!”