47 budding designers within year 8 took part in an event with CREATE Education.

CREATE Education support educators, educational institutions, outreach and community programmes to easily use and embed 3D printing and technologies for STEAM in education effectively. They provide the tools, resources and support needed to empower students to become creative innovators and develop the skills needed to adapt and thrive in their future careers.

The day consisted of a 3D printing workshop where pupils learnt new skills on the CAD programme OnShape and from this individually designed their own rocket using their new skills in rapid prototyping.

Pupils had the opportunity to learn about rocket science and spent some time launching 3D-printed rockets outside as a group. To end the day pupils engaged in a careers discussion talking about future careers in engineering and product design, with a particular focus on local company BAE Sytems and opportunities for careers in the future that involve 3D designing and rapid prototyping.