Our jaw-droppingly talented QEGS thespians have conquered yet another Everest of the repertoire with their superb performance of Arthur Miller’s ‘Death of a Salesman’. Audiences were mesmerised by the realism and passion with which they brought this iconic classic of American theatre to the stage.

Whether Will Gedling’s utterly convincing portrayal of the beleaguered 63-year-old protagonist or the crushed dignity and quiet desperation of Eleanor Connell’s Linda, or Rhys Millington’s and Rayhan Jamil’s seamless moving between idealistic adolescence and disillusioned adulthood as Willy’s sons Biff and Happy, the production was packed with star performances at every turn, many of them of a quality which could easily have graced the professional stage.

Here are some shots which capture our great young actors in action. Enjoy!