145 Year 9 pupils took part in a full day of food technology whereby they worked through a range of activities allowing pupils to explore a range of topics related to health and nutrition.

Pupils embarked on their first in school cooking experience whereby they created their own savoury dishes.  Pupils learnt a range of cooking techniques including ‘the claw’ to make themselves a chicken and vegetable wrap and moroccan couscous. Pupils learnt how to prepare, cook and display their dishes.

Following this pupils took part in a vegetable seeding session with Green Up Your Act, hosted by Philip Hunton. To start with all pupils took part in a discussion of how food is grown, the benefits of fresh food and the responsibility we all share to reduce the huge amount of packaging and food thrown away every day, followed by vegetable seedlings or growing microgreens.  Pupils discussed a range of green issues in the home, at school, and in a global context.

With the aid of an interactive presentation, we visited an award-winning building called ‘Earthship’ which is powered by renewable energy and is built from recycled materials. After exploring some of the key issues involved, all pupils examined a diverse range of recycled and upcycled objects and materials from around the world before taking part in a hands on activity making a visually unique upcycled notebook from old map, paper and card.

To end the sessions, pupils took part in a range of activities surrounding careers in Food Technology and where the subject could lead them in the future. Pupils created posters, completed activity sheets and shared their thoughts on these careers.

Overall pupils were left enriched and proud of their achievements throughout the day.