On Thursday 21st March the QEGS community came together for a shared Iftar at school. The event celebrates the diverse community we live in and shows support to the pupils, students, families and staff who fast during the holy month of Ramadan.

Around 150 parents, pupils and friends came to school for the evening feast.  Parents and carers prepared and brought along food to be shared and there was a small amount of food provided by the School Catering Team.

Mr Vyse, Deputy Head, welcomed everyone to the community event and thanked everyone for their generosity.

Mrs Albiston gave a presentation on the charitable work the school has been involved in with The Erasmus Uganda Charitable Trust (TEUCT), Sixth Form students created beautiful henna designs and Year 8 pupil Naseer Mahmood led the call to prayer.

It was lovely to speak to parents/carers from our community and listen to their feedback on the annual event, with one parent saying, “I just wanted to say a massive ‘thank you’ to QEGS for hosting a fantastic Iftar! What a wonderful way to positively action community cohesion and understanding across all faiths and the diverse communities it serves. A fantastic way to demonstrate your inclusiveness and appreciation of all regardless of their cultural background!”

This was a gathering when Muslims, Christians and those of other faiths joined together, for what was a lovely evening.

Thank you to everybody who came along and took part.