Pupils in Year 11 came together on an unexpected final day of Lent term, to say their goodbyes and take part in a ‘stand down day’. Whilst uncertainty still remained around examinations at the time, QEGS staff wanted to give Year 11 pupils the best possible send off at such short notice.

After a treat at lunch time, with off-the-menu items served up for our leavers, pupils headed down to the gym to burn off some energy and take part in a dodgeball tournament, form versus form. The winning form (11MJL) took on a staff team including for tutors plus Mr Vyse, Miss McCreadie, Mrs Cox, Mrs Tattersall and Mr Taylor with the pupil team coming out on top as the overall winners, with a few questionable shots along the way!

Pupils then changed into fresh shirts and congregated in front of the Main Hall for official photos (and unofficial selfies!) with their fellow pupils, some of whom had been together since Reception class, along with their form teachers and senior members of staff. The group then headed into the hall for a final farewell assembly, with a contribution from all Year 11 Form Tutors, Head of Year 11 Miss McCreadie and Head, Mrs Gammon. The assembly was tinged with sadness that this group had a very different experience to other year groups before them. Due to the closure of school, the 2019/20 Year 11 group would not experience their final few weeks in lessons, a prom celebration or the challenge of GCSE exams as we know them.

Mrs Gammon, Head, explained: “Whilst these Year 11 pupils had their time at school cut slightly shorter than the others, they will be missed just as much and the staff at QEGS are incredibly proud of the way they have handled a very challenging time. We look forward to welcoming many back into our Sixth Form and for those who will take different paths, we wish them good luck for their futures.”