QEGS Sixth Form students raised over £9000 in preparation for their trip to Uganda, with every penny spent on finishing the ‘Good Samaritan Primary School’. This year, a kitchen was built and solar panelling was added, whilst a delivery of thirty mattresses caused quite a stir amongst the children whilst at the school too. 

Since the first QEGS visit in 2010, parents, students, teachers, friends and family have raised over £80,000 in order to build a fully resourced school.  It has gone far beyond what could ever have been imagined, when the first group visited Uganda.

This visit was a terrific success and students got stuck in to everything asked of them, giving the children in the school real care and affection. Something that sadly many of them lack because they have been orphaned by the deadly disease HIV.

Mr Buckingham, who lead the trip is confident that this project has now been completed, and the school will be self-sustainable. No doubt we shall be staying in contact and we will still be helping in some capacity. With Mr Buckingham retiring from school this time, he passes on his thanks to everyone who has supported the project. He comments, “It has been a truly humbling experience, but also one that has brought me amazing memories and wonderful relationships.”

A parent, who was part of the 2019 visit wrote this on her Facebook page which and sums up what has, and is, being achieved in this special part of Uganda:

“The Good Samaritan School in Wakiso Uganda, is one of overwhelming love, happiness, community and simplicity of life.  Rising from the fires of poverty, disease, loss and despair. Children now have hope and way out of poverty through education.”