The Chemistry department took 29 Students from Years 12 and 13 to Salford University recently for an A level conference.  The lectures included:

How to Discover a New Element
Ever wanted your name on the periodic table?  Secrets were revealed of how to create a new chemical element, exploring a world where atoms are so unstable they exist for the blink of an eye.

From Breaking Bad to Making Good
Using the example of Breaking Bad, the students explored how ‘bad’ drugs (such as crystal meth) and good drugs (such as antibiotics), work, and considered cutting-edge research to glimpse the future of medicine.

Plastic Fantastic?
It can be any shape, colour, property and lasts 500 years!  Despite the damage plastic does to the environment demand has never been higher.  Our students discovered the amazing properties of plastic and how to tackle the plastic problem.

Strange Ice
“Strange ice” coinciding with the centenary of X-ray diffraction – guided students through the weird and wonderful properties of ice.  The most bizarre, but so taken for granted on a day-to-day basis, is the phenomenon that ice floats on water.  But almost every other solid phase of a compound is denser than its liquid counterpart.

Making the Invisible Visible
Someone has been shot, but witnesses were too scared to come forward.  Students used cutting-edge techniques to reveal hidden evidence to establish the truth.

The students had an extremely busy day and found the lectures very interesting and informative.