Over the past 12 weeks, the 8 shortlisted Carnegie book titles have been thoroughly enjoyed when our Secondary school shadowing group became Carnegie judges, scrutinizing the work produced by both authors and illustrators.

Our pupils took their role very seriously and have emerged with a much wider knowledge of how book authors and illustrators can and do produce some outstanding work.

Queen Elizabeth’s Grammar School is very proud to have taken part in this prestigious book award for the past 16 years, rekindling a thirst and passion for reading year after year.

The Carnegie shadowing group had the chance to read, discuss, debate and finally, after much more discussion, they chose their favourite book to join hundreds of other schools nationally also taking part, casting their votes and adding book reviews to the Carnegie/Kate Greenaway Website.

The 12 weeks flew by and it was soon time to invite the group to watch live coverage of the finals, giving pupils a very real experience of a book award. With much trepidation, the group waited patiently to hear the exciting news during the round-up of the finals. With a drum roll, (click to view) party nibbles, treat bags, books and much more, pupils joined in with the celebrations and fun was had by all. The pupils involved also received a certificate for their contribution to the book award.

Kate Greenaway Book Award – Year 5

Pupils focused on the illustrations – pupils read, debated, discussed and then voted for their favourite illustrator/book.

Pupils focused on the content/issues/themes/plots – pupils read, debated, discussed and then voted for their favourite author/book.

These are without a doubt extremely worthwhile and prestigious book awards to shadow, especially as they are the oldest and most loved children’s book awards.

Congratulations to the winners of both book awards for 2022!

Carnegie: Long way down by Jason Reynolds

Kate Greenaway: October October by Katya Balen

Well done to the QEGS Carnegie 2022 Shadowing Group and a big thank you to Mrs Dewhurst for all your hard work and enthusiasm!