Both Jenson and Jacob Gibson travelled down to a snowy Crystal Palace to compete in the British Schools Modern Biathlon Championships after successfully qualifying through the Regional stages.

Jenson entered the competition being ranked 191st in the country having only just qualified through the Regional stages. However, he did not let this effect his performance, and in the 50m swim finished in 47th place, which was a 2.5 second PB with a time of 36.15. This is a very respectful time given that he has never been a member of a swimming club.
Unfortunately, the run was cancelled due to the snow and therefore his running time from the Regional competition was used. Overall Jenson finished in 104th position.

Jacob finished in 1st position in the Regional stages of the competition gaining an automatic qualifying position to compete at Crystal Palace. Entering the competition Jacob was ranked 61st in the country. After a gruelling wait of over 5 hours it was time for Jacobs 200m swim and to his disappointment he did not manage a PB, however this was to be expected after leaving competitive swimming in December. Nevertheless, Jacob still managed to finish in 10th place.
In the weeks leading up to the competition Jacob concentrated more on training for his run by completing two 5k runs a week. Hoping to improve on his time, Jacob was extremely disappointed to hear that the track still hadn’t defrosted and his 1600m run had been cancelled. With his swim and last year’s run time, Jacobs final position was 14th overall.

Congratulations to both brothers, who despite the terrible weather conditions, performed exceptionally.