Pupils, students, staff, and guests joined together at Blackburn Cathedral for our Beginning of Year service. The service was led by The Very Reverend Peter Howell-Jones, Dean of Blackburn, who welcomed us all to this annual service.  

In this years’ service, we were asked to consider kindness, our readiness to learn, resilience and respectfulness. We welcomed to Queen Elizabeth’s, the many people who have joined the school this term ensuring that the warmth and friendship for which Queen Elizabeth’s is rightly renowned is extended to all newcomers and that we are able to help each other in the months and years ahead to lead fulfilling and successful lives. 

Our school choir performed Gloria – L Delibes, under the direction of Miss Cockshott, Subject lead for Music followed by a reading ‘First Lesson – I will be worthy of it – E Wheeler Wilcox’ from Deputy Head Girl Maria Matthew, and a beautiful Clarinet solo by Miss Chaplehow, Teacher of Music, a further reading ‘Second Lesson – Matthew 13vv. 44-46’ from Deputy Head Boy Oliver Jenkins and another choir performance of Baba Yetu – C Tin.

Prayers were read by Setareh Ahmadi Khattir (Y11), Awais Gafoor (Y8), Savio Santhosh (Y8), Amaan Wardingly (Y11), and the Lord’s Prayer, was read by Senior Prefect, Mehek Hussain

During the final hymn, Tell Out, My Soul, The Greatness of the Lord, an offering was collected in support of Nightsafe with a final blessing from The Very Reverend Peter Howell–Jones, Dean of Blackburn. 

A beautiful Service, full of warmth and readiness for the year ahead. Thank you to all our pupils, students, and staff who represented QEGS you really did Queen Elizabeth’s Grammar School proud.