The last few months have been very busy for Baylie Seery and competitive swimming.  She has competed in several competitions, the most notable being The Swim North West Regional Championships.

The Swim North West Regional Championships began with Baylie being selected to swim as part of the 14-16yr old Medley Relay Team and the 14-16yr old 400m Freestyle Relay Team, with both teams swimming their way into the Top 10.

Baylie had also qualified for 10 individual events but chose to compete in only 7 of these.  Although she did not come away with as many personal best times as she would have liked, she was a Top 20 finisher in 3 of her races.  She achieved an amazing PB in the 50m Breaststroke, taking over 1 second off her previous time.  Before this year, Baylie had never gained a qualification in breaststroke, but in the last 5 months she has managed to qualify, compete and gain a personal best time while swimming at 2 of these competitions.

On top of all this, Baylie has been selected to swim at The Inter Association Meet later this month. She received invitations to swim from both Greater Manchester and North Lancashire, after much internal debate, Baylie chose to swim for Greater Manchester.  She has accepted their invitation every year and felt it only right that she accepts again, on what will be her final year of competing at the Inter Association, as next year she will be too old.

Fantastic achievement’s, well done Baylie!