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Annual Verse Singing Competition Returns

Forty children from the Primary Phase entered the annual QEGS Verse Speaking competition this term, with one entry selected from each class, per category.

The poetry categories were: poems by a British poet, poems by a poet from elsewhere in the world, a poem written pre-2000, a funny poem and a self-written poem.

Excellent entries were received as part of the competition and the judging panel, made up of Mrs Mallon, Mrs Dewhurst, Mrs Rogers and Mrs Southworth, were impressed with range of poems selected. The winners from each category were: Nabhaan Aziz, Aaisha Malji, Umar Patel, Mariam Ahmed, Hasnain Babar and the overall winner was Zaibaa Rahman in 6LC.

Well done to all children who entered and a huge thank you to the judging panel too.