Year 7 Admissions currently closed

Applications for Year 7 places are currently closed, and open on 4th September 2018.

The Admissions Department, led by our Director of Admissions Mrs Petra Mercer, is responsible for the admissions of pupils and students in our School from Reception through to Sixth Form. They also manage all ‘in-year’ admissions, waiting lists and appeal requests.

For more information, the Admissions Department telephone number is 01254 686300, Option 2.

E-mails can be sent to

Fair Banding Assessment

The Fair Banding Assessment for September 2019 applicants will take place on Saturday 17th November 2018. As a result of completing the QEGS online application form you will automatically receive an invitation from the school to sit the assessment, but you will NOT receive this until AFTER the national closing date for applications (31st October 2018).

The assessment assesses verbal, numerical and non-verbal abilities.

Verbal Ability
Comprehension (15 questions).  This section assesses the candidate’s ability to understand text and make inferences.
Related Words (27 questions).  This section assesses the candidate’s vocabulary knowledge.
Missing Words (44 words).  This section assesses the candidate’s comprehension and vocabulary skills.

Numerical Ability
Arithmetic (23 questions).  This section assesses the candidate’s numerical ability through mental arithmetic.
Data Problems (16 questions).  This section aims to assess numerical and analytical reasoning through functional data problems.

Non-Verbal Ability
Pictures (24 questions).  This section assesses the candidate’s visuo-spatial aspects of fluid intelligence.

If you wish to see a few pages typical of the assessment please click here.   This is a wholly online assessment.  The children do not need to bring anything with them on the day of the assessment.