Admissions arrangements for QEGS pupils in Year 6 – September 2023 intake

Once your child begins Year 6, the application process will begin for the National Intake of Year 7 children for the following year.  Detailed below is the School’s admission criteria, should you wish for your child to continue with their education in Year 7 here at QEGS.

Year 6 pupils at QEGS have the advantage of automatically transitioning into the Secondary School.  If it is your intention for your child to definitely transition into Year 7 at QEGS, you are not required to submit an application to your Local Authority, or to QEGS.  After the deadline for applications, your child will sit the Fair Banding Assessment during the school day. The results will be collated by the School’s Admissions Department, in order to place your child into one of the 5 bands, on which places are allocated by the Local Authority.

If you are unsure at this stage and you wish to consider other secondary schools, along with QEGS, you must complete the Common Application Form with the Local Authority, stating your three preference schools.  If you are considering other schools, and QEGS is not stated as one of your preferences, then your child will not be considered for a place in Year 7 at QEGS.  The Local Authority will only consider your preferences; we must stress that by completing this form your right for automatic transition will be withdrawn.

Finally, if you intend to send your child to a fee-paying Independent School for Year 7, then you should not complete the Common Application Form with the Local Authority, simply apply to that Independent School directly, and advise the School’s Admission Department of the intention for your child to leave in July.

Prior to the Whole School Open Morning, all parents of QEGS Year 6 children will be sent an ‘intention slip’ asking you to confirm plans for your child for Year 7.  This form will only be used to provide the School with an early indication of how many places the School could offer to external applicants, it is not to reserve your place.

For more in-depth information, we strongly advise that you read the School’s Admissions Policy. Should you have any queries with regards to this process, please do not hesitate to contact our Admissions team on 01254 686300.