A group of 40 Year 11 Art & DT pupils headed off to the big city for a two-day residential, accompanied by Mr Windle, Mr Braime, and Miss Watson.

With a jam packed itinerary in place, the first stop was Buckingham Palace, followed by The Queen Victoria Statue onto St James’ Park and down onto the Mall through Admiralty Arch onto Trafalgar Square. Along the way, staff explained the origins of the Admiralty, the Battle of Trafalgar, how they led to the Bank of England and how these landmarks had led to how Great Britain looked today.

The next stop was The National Gallery where each group had map tours to complete taking in the most significant pieces of Artwork housed in this magnificent Gallery before heading to Covent Garden for some free time, shopping, and an opportunity to look at the cultural and historical significance of the area.

On day two of the trip, pupils enjoyed a coach tour from Tower Bridge to the Victoria and Albert Museum where Mr Windle pointed out key Architectural features and their significance in shaping British society, followed by a self-guided tour of The Natural History Museum before another coach tour to The National Portrait Gallery where pupils were guided towards significant work within the gallery. Pupils were also encouraged to explore Leicester Square and the immediate surroundings of The National Portrait Gallery before returning home.

On the coach journey home, pupils shared their experiences of what they had seen and experienced over the two days with staff and each other. Most could not believe how close everything was regarding areas of London and just how much history and culture was everywhere one looked.

Mr Windle, Art Teacher and leader of the trip said “The entire visit greatly enriched the contextual and critical understanding of the pupils. Very much an enjoyable two days where cultural capital of walking around the city was much appreciated by the pupils.”

Miss Watson, Subject Lead for Design Technology, said “A fantastic learning opportunity for both Art and DT pupils enriched with experiencing the sites of London. The trip was well organised, and this allowed a great execution of the day’s activities.”

Pupils attending said:

“The art galleries and museums made me love the aesthetics.”

“One of the best trips I’ve ever been on!”

“The V&A was really good and I liked the plaster room the best – the pillars were huge.”

“I enjoyed wandering around Covent Garden and seeing all the different shops of different cultures. I also loved all the different museums and galleries that were chosen, they were beautiful and inspiring.”

The itinerary was ambitious, but everything ran smoothly, pupils behaved responsibly and respectfully and had a real thirst for knowledge. Their attitude towards the public and venue staff was exemplary and we are very proud. A true credit to QEGS.