Year 12 and 13 A level PE and Psychology students were treated to a Zoom session with Old Blackburnian, and now Professor of Sport Psychology at Loughborough University, Chris Harwood PhD.

Focusing on ‘Applying psychology in youth sport and for life: Strengthening your 5Cs’, the session looked at what Sport Psychologists do within their work young athletes and how this is applied to education and a life beyond sport.

A pupil in 1982-89, Chris contacted QEGS Sixth Form in January to offer a session to students in his role as University Beacon Lead for Sport and Exercise at Loughborough University. Having enjoyed his time at QEGS, Chris found success in the game of tennis in his young adulthood and progressed onto a career within sport and education, including secondments into professional football and tennis.

Dr Butler, Head of PE at QEGS, said: “I was delighted when I heard Chris had been in touch with the Sixth Form and wanted to speak to our A level PE and Psychology students. It is hugely beneficial for them to hear from someone from a prestigious institute such as Loughborough, let alone a former pupil who has had great success within his industry. The subject was very interesting and our students asked some good questions following the session, which has inspired further discussion as we return to our online classrooms.”

“We would like to say a big thank you to Chris for his time, insight and energy and we hope we can repeat this session for future students at the Sixth Form.”

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